99,999% The reliability of redundant systems provided by BHgroup exceeds 99.999%. This equates to an annual down-time of less than 5 minutes.


BHGROUP’s systems may be deployed in any area of voice communication.

Due to the extensive functionalities, the vast flexibility and the extreme reliability BHgroup’s systems fit the various areas of requirements in voice communication.


To residential and business customers the Class 5 systems of BHGroup provide beside the customary functionalities a range of additional functionalities. The integrated real-time rating caters to a split second charging. The provisioning system provides automatic configuration of the Access Gateways and IP Phones. The systems are capable of handling multiple clients, which permit the allocation of several offerings on the same system.


Due to the highly modular design of the BHGroup system it may be adapted ideally to the particular conditions and set of requirements. The integration into the existing systems landscape, such as Customer Management Systems or Billing Systems and the interfacing with external Data Bases may be realised without major efforts.


BHGroup’s systems are extremely reliable due to its n+1 redundancy utilizing at the same time all resources optimally. BHGroup systems may be deployed location redundant without additional costs. The systems may be maintained and extended without shut-downs.

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