Patton Gateways provide
the integration of end customer equipment.


There are no limitations on the use of Gateways, IP-Phones and Soft-Clients. The use of only extensively tested devices is highly recommended. For the business segment BHGroup offers carefully selected, fully tested client gateways that are partially enhanced with BHGroup VoIP Switch functionalities, such as Advice of Charge or Overlap Dialling.


Residential gateways from different manufacturers may be implemented with the BHGroup VoIP Systems. In MGCP Systems these may be cable modems with integrated telephony interfaces, in SIP Systems these may be ADSL or VDSL modems with integrated analogue or ISDN interfaces or Fibre Access Devices, ATAs, etc. Basically no restrictions apply. However interoperability tests for untested devices are highly recommended. Devices that support TR-069 may be provisioned via the CPE Centre.


BHGroup’s standard gateway for the business segment is furnished by Patton-Inalp. The gateways are available with analogue and ISDN interfaces in the following extensions and versions:

  • Analogue units from 2 to 32 ports
  • ISDN units from 2 to 8 BRA resp. 4 to 16 voice channels and 1 to 64 PRI resp. 30 to 1920 voice channels
  • High precision clock versions for PBX systems with DECT multi-cell-systems
  • QoS (Quality of Service) on the last mile
  • Integrated IP Router
  • Integrated ADSL and SHDSL Modems
  • Fiber WAN interface
  • STM-1 Interface for PRI Gateways

These Gateways are supported from the CPE Center for configuration, auto-provisioning and monitoring


To connect IP PBX‘s very often Session Border Routers are implemented at the customer’s premises. BHGroup delivers devices built by Patton-Inalp. These devices are available with or without codec-transcoding.

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